Foreign Magazines

It is widely recognized that the best way to learn a foreign language, with all its aspects, including slang and regionalisms, is to be exposed to some of its current means of communication, whether you choose to watch television programs or read different publications. Textbooks may provide you with impeccable grammar and spelling, but when faced with people’s everyday manner of speaking, you might get a shock. If you want to familiarize yourself with the subtleties of a foreign language, subscribing to foreign magazines on your favourite themes will undoubtedly prove of great use.

Certain publications have been so well received in their own country that their brands have spread all over Europe and even farther, mostly adult-oriented glossy magazines, covering a vast array of topics inspired by modern urban life, from the latest fashion trends and advice on beauty care to specialists’ guidance towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Most of them are addressed to women, but there are some exceptions.

Cosmopolitan Magazine, for instance, is available in French, German and Italian, and is one of the most read women’s magazines ever, focusing on the physical, spiritual and social needs of present day women in a hectic world. Elle Magazine, available in German, is similar regarding themes and quality and also includes suggestions of interior design and many useful shopping guides. Another periodical of the sort is Glamour Magazine, which comes out in German, Spanish and Russian, comprising everything imaginable related to fashion and the fascinating world of the most prominent contemporary celebrities. However, not all glossy magazines are designed for the female public, such as the famous FHM, available in German and Russian, a first choice for many men, packed with clever articles on cars, gadgets, news of all sorts and holiday destination, but it’s most important feature being the plethora of sexy photographs of the world’s most stunning women.
And if you’re more keen on in truly local titles rather than different variants of a successful brand, there are a few you shouldn’t miss. Italy has produced many interesting magazines, such as Confidenze Magazine, Grazia Magazine and Sorrisi e Canzoni TV Magazine. If you’re curious about France’s best known reads, have a look at France Dimanche Magazine, Ici Paris Magazine, Marie France Magazine, whilst among the most prolific Spanish publications are Muy Interesante Magazine and Hola Magazine.

From Germany, one of the best is Bunte Magazine, whilst from Russia, the very popular Argumenti i Fakti Magazine. And since there is a large thriving Polish community in the UK, it made sense to facilitate access to renowned sources of information such as Polish Express Weekly Magazine, Fakt Magazine, Panorama Polish Magazine and Cooltura Polish Weekly Magazine.

Some of the best of their kind, these periodicals are internationally renowned for their high quality, so you are guaranteed a good read. If you are a foreign national with a nostalgia for home, you now have the chance to recapture some of the joy brought by the most popular periodicals in your country, whilst if you’re simply trying to connect with another culture, step out of the flatness of conventional learning and assimilate many elements specific to a vibrant, ever-changing idiom.